T’wolves For Real

Are the Timberwolves legit?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

The Timberwolves are clearly lead by Love who averages a seriously strong double-double with 25.7 ppg and 15 rpg. Those are big boy numbers. The most impressive thing about Love might not even be his numbers, but the leadership role he has grown into on this young team.

Minnesota has already shocked the competition with their ability to put points on the board and stay competitive against highly favored teams. Undeniably the watchability of the T’wolves is up 200% from last year, but the question remains whether this will equal a playoff bound squad or just some entertaining highlights.

The acquisition of the highly touted Ricky Rubio as the 1-guard is already paying dividends. He leads the team with 7 apg and appears to be settling in as a true 1-guard in the NBA that thinks pass before shoot. This is about as rare as a rainbow colored Skittle.

The one thing the Timberwolves are not short on is youth. With Love, Rubio, Beasley,  and Williams all in their early 20s, this is a team that is only going to get better with time. They’ll probably also do better as this condensed schedule plows on. Fresh legs equals easy layups and strong D as this unique season rolls on.

Are the T’wolves legit? Well, sort of. I mean, they are legit if you mean they aren’t simply a highlight film with no substance or chance of winning a game. Yet, a I saying Minnesota will make a run at a ring? Hell, no. This is a team that needs some maturity and possibly another piece or two before they are truly ready to compete to go deep in the play-offs.