6 Funny or Die Hit Shows from 1986

Funny or Die has a Smash hit season lined up from the past, today!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Well looks like my bluff has been called, and my New Years wish was answered by the Santa Claus of New Years… which is probably Dick Clark in fat suit, only slight more depressing than actual Dick Clark.


They’ve just realized all over the face of the FOD front page as series of extended trailers all the way back form the Funny or Die of 1986! Including this trailer for …


Cop-Puter with Jennifer Beals & Adrian Paul


For starters I can’t wait till Cop-Puter has a special Oregon Trail Xmas Episode.

Secondly, the day Cop_puter gets his upgrade from those big floppy disks to that hard shell one… OMG I almost cried!

Thirdly, let’s move on to…


Malibu Days: Nights with Casper Van Dien

Yes a spin off from the FOD 1986 show Malibu Days takes our hero Casper Van Dien from beach lifeguard to Monster Hunter! Oh an Angela Trimbur is in a bay watch suit, that’s a good time. That should be the real spin off. (slash, completely made up fake show.)

I can’t wait for the special episode two parter, where he faces off against the creature from the black lagoon bringing him finally home and back to his Beach roots… so touching. 

Next up on the FOD line up of fraud, a tough gritty detective takes to the streets and in to your hearts.


Kennigan with John O'Hurley

This was pretty much the unexpected winner of the batch. In fact I’m pretty sure after watching this, that I myself am the elusive detective Kennigan himself. Ouuu, crap nuts. Balls… I just tried to tear my goatee off.. Holy smart butter that hurts!

And now something really worth watching, Period!


Prairie Children

I wish I could sit down and write up something about Prairie Children, but I just gotten my first period and I need to desperately take care of it… Also, my penis is missing!



Watch out, for the episode where that wacky cousin Eiffel Tower comes to visit!


Courts Machine

Step aside true crime fans, the Court Machine is putting together your case and your punch card is up!