The 5 Most Disappointing NFL Teams Of 2011

These five teams just couldn't get it done when they should have.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

During a seventeen week season, their can be found a number of stories, both good and some not so good. This week we are focusing on the teams that just didn't cut the mustard when it came down to the final bell. With the exception of the Raiders, all these teams had huge expectations that fell flat. Oakland, however, gets included because they lost the division to a guy who is a one tool quarterback.


5. Oakland Raiders (8-8)

While it's safe to say that nobody expected the Raiders to win the division starting the season, the road to it looked pretty good their for awhile. With Kansas City faltering due to injury and the Chargers under-performing, the Division was ripe for the Raiders plucking. Sure, they lost their starting QB but they gave away the farm to acquire Carson Palmer, formerly of the Bengals. What did they get for a first and a second round pick? Well, the same thing Cincinnati usually did with Palmer, an exit at the end of the season.


4. Philadelphia Eagles (8-8)

I'm not going to go into details on the why's surrounding the expectations of this Eagles team coming into the season, that's been documented enough, but let's just say that an 8-8 season was not what was expected. Filled with injury and inconsistency, this Eagles team never really got it together this season the way everyone thought they should and a lack of a playoff appearance puts a heavy spotlight on the team heading into next fall


3. San Diego Chargers (8-8)

The Chargers boast one of the most talented offenses in the league. With a top 5 QB and the best tight end in the game, San Diego should have easily waltzed through the AFC West. One inexplicable six game losing streak mid-season later and the Chargers are on the outside looking in again. Next season is a make or break for a lot of people on this roster and they should come out firing. Doesn't change how crappy they played this year however.


2. New York Jets (8-8)

Oh, those pesky, entertaining Jets. Touting themselves as a SuperBowl contender heading into the season, the Jets wrote a check with their talk that their play couldn't live up to. Between the infighting and the inconsistencies, this team was doomed to mediocrity of the highest order. No team will be more scrutinized in the upcoming offseason.


1. Dallas Cowboys (8-8)

Another year and another Dallas collapse. Fast becoming known as the team that couldn't, the Cowboys just keep finding ways to lose enough games to just not make the playoffs. After basically giving away the game to the Eagles in week 16, they followed it up with a stinker in New York in week 17 to toss away their postseason chances. The writing is on the wall for Tony Romo heading into next season, it's playoffs or layoffs, nuff said.