‘Independence Day’ Director Brings Presidential Race Drama To ABC

What the Romney?!

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

As TV pilot season gets underway, ABC has made its first pickup an usual sounding drama from the director of "Independence Day."

According to Variety, Roland Emmerich is co-writing and directing the pilot for a potential series set against the backdrop of the 2012 Presidential race. Reportedly, the currently untitled project follows "a young astrophysics student who learns his destiny lies not in science but somewhere between Heaven and Hell."

In context, that premise doesn't make a lot of sense. However, other reports indicate that this is a "high concept" series in the vein of "Once Upon A Time;" which suggests that this series will have some kind of paranormal or supernatural twist… possibly even tying it into the dreaded 2012 apocalypse. "Once Upon A Time" is also the biggest new drama on ABC this year; which explains the network's eagerness to reexplore genre programming. Of course, immediately after "Lost" hit it big in 2004, ABC tried to follow up that success with "Invasion;" which ultimately failed to catch on.

Aside from the previously mentioned "Independence Day" (pictured above), Emmerich is best known for directing the American "Godzilla," "Stargate," "The Thirteenth Floor," "The Patriot," "The Day After Tomorrow," "2012" and the recently released "Anonymous." Back in 1997, Emmerich made his first foray into television with "The Visitor;" which aired for a single season on Fox.

For his current ABC project, Emmerich will be joined by veteran TV producer Mark Gordon and the script will be co-written between Emmerich and Harald Kloser; who previously co-wrote "2012" together.

What are your thoughts on the premise of Emmerich's new project? Was it secretly written by a British Earl? Share your opinions in the comment section below!