Wii U Adopting an App Store

Nintendo seems to finally be getting serious about their App offerings.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


According to a report on The Daily, Nintendo will be implementing a full-blown App Store into their next home console, the Wii U. The new App Store — whatever it may be called — will have more in common with Apple’s popular App Store than the current offerings on Nintendo’s home and handheld consoles, the Wii Shop on Wii and the eShop on 3DS, respectively.

Instead of just offering up classic games and simple utilities such as calculators, the improved Wii U shop will offer Apps “such as MLB.TV” and others that run “independently” on the system’s touchscreen, claims The Daily via their anonymous source “close” to the development of Wii U and its App store.

While this news is still being quarantined in the rumor zone, it does prove interesting nonetheless. Sony and Microsoft already have fully-fledged App Stores for their respective consoles, making it high time Nintendo jumped aboard the bandwagon to make the Wii U a one-stop-shop media center that can finally stand toe to toe with its competitors.

Hopefully we hear more about the Wii U, and it’s new features such as an App Store, in the coming months. We’re also holding out hope for an App specifically tailored to show Nintendo’s old cartoons like Captain N: The Game Master. Make it so, Nintendo.