‘Fringe’ Preview Trailer: ‘Back To Where You’ve Never Been’

Walternate returns later this month as "Fringe" resumes its fourth season.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Ever since "Fringe" debuted its fourth season and its new status quo, there's been one major character who has remained in the shadows: the alternate universe's Secretary of Defense, Dr. Walter Bishop, who is better known to fans of the show as Walternate (John Noble). But in just a week, that's going to change.

On Friday, January 13; "Fringe" resumes its fourth season with "Back To Where You've Never Been," which is written by fan favorite scribe David Fury. The story follows Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) as Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) try to help him return to the alternate universe and seek the help of his true father, Walternate.

In this newly released trailer, Fox gives us a glimpse of the two Lincoln Lees meeting for the first time, the reappearance of Fauxlivia and the return of David Robert Jones (Jared Harris); an adversary who hasn't been seen since his apparent death at the end of the first season. But with Peter removed from history, maybe DRJ never died in this timeline…



To bring any lapsed "Fringe" viewers up to speed with the last episode, Peter has found a little bit more acceptance from the FBI since his return, but not from his father or Olivia. Peter is so determined to find a way home that he doesn't seem to realize that he is home. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given his approval to Lincoln Lee's romantic interest in Olivia.

Nor did Lincoln and Olivia's attempted meet up go smoothly. While Lincoln impatiently waited, Olivia was gassed into unconsciousness by men working for her adoptive guardian, Nina Sharp (Blair Brown); who definitely seems much more sinister in this timeline…

What is Nina's real agenda and who is behind the new shapshifters? The answers are coming up soon.

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