Funny Pages – Back to Work

The Holidays are over, time to look forward to holidays!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

With the high holidays slowly receding into memory, we look forward to getting back to work, and waiting for the spring holidays to come take us away like a Calgon bath of bubbly awesomeness.


College Humor – How I spent my winter vacation (link)

The webs most annoying Odd Couple are back with stories of their winter vacations.

StupidVideos – Rare Parkour Fail (link)


Can I just point out that, just because you jump from one object to another, doesn’t make this Parkour any more than it makes it IRL Frogger.

But it’s ok folks, he didn’t hit his balls, mostly because they haven’t dropped yet.


Break– Huge Group Of Girls (link)

At first I was 😐 and then I was like :} – so there’s that.


Dorkly – Ash Gets a Digimon (link)

Usually I praise dorkly as being the funniest of the bunch, but sometimes you need to make a really crappy video just so people remember that the good stuff is good. Hence… this piece of Digi-crap.

Next up Shia Labeouf gets a go bot, which I pretty sure is what Megan Fox calls an H-J these days.


Funny Or Die – FOD Spring Lineup 86 (link)

In tribute to that weird time in the late 70’s and 80’s when TV hadn’t realized yet that they were about to jump off a cliff and sell their soul, FOD creates this epic spring line up trailer.


Sadly all of these are fake, I really want to see COP-Puter! Damn you FOD!

That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and Copute your crimulations.

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