‘The Borgias’ Season 2 Trailer

Now is the time of reckoning as the original crime family turns on itself.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Last season on Showtime's "The Borgias," Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons) used guile and bribery to ascend to the papacy, becoming Pope Alexander VI in the year of our lord, 1492. The Pope made several enemies along the way, including Cardinal Della Rovere (Colm Feore); who convinced King Charles of France to march his army into Rome and depose Borgia by force.

Instead, Borgia portrayed himself as a pious man and he made a deal with Charles to crown him the King of Naples… which happened to be overrun by the plague at the time. When "The Borgias" season 2 begins, Charles and his army are apparently greatly displeased by the Pope's deception, which may lead to another French invasion.

In the newly released trailer for the second season, the Pope moves to rally his allies against King Charles as his sons Cesare (François Arnaud) and Juan Borgia (David Oakes) begin openly feuding with each other. Also, the Pope's mistress, Giulia Farnese (Lotte Verbeek) tries to respark their relationship by inviting another woman to share their bed…



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