Cousins Needs A Family

Second-year Sacramento big man DeMarcus Cousins needs a new home.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

When Sacramento picked Cousins 5th in the 2010 draft some were amazed he was still available, while others didn’t want to touch him with a ten foot pole. This 6’ 11’’ 270 lb 21 year-old was 100% potential.

Unfortunately, in his first season he proved to be 200% pain-in-the-ass. For a guy that averaged a double-double his rookie year, one would think the Kings would be hyped up on their young big-man. Nope.

Coach Westphal made a statement last week that Cousins is unable or unwilling to move in the same direction as the team, so a trade is needed. The problem is, who wants to acquire a big man that is now regarded about as favorably as those toxic real-estate assets back in 2008.

The Celtics would appear a perfect fit with veteran big man Kevin Garnett who is known for being a stickler for hard work, defense first, and a team first approach. The problem is a deal a deal with the Cs in unlikely, unless the King’s are willing to receive next to nothing in exchange for their 6 ft 11 inch attitude problem.

This isn’t to say that Cousins may not mature into a dominant NBA player. We’ve seen players like Beasley and Odom who dropped in the draft due to immaturity concerns blossom into big time NBA ballers. Unfortunately for the Kings, this usually happens long after their rookie contract when they realize no one is going to hold their hand and tuck them in at night in the NBA.

Cousins will need to learn the hard way like so many egos before him, that he’s just a piece in the puzzle and at this point a piece that’s way to much head-ache than he’s worth.