NFL Wrap-Up: Week 17 South Divisions

Texans can’t count and the Colts return to earth.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

AFC South

Tennessee Titans 23

Houston Texans 22

Hasselbeck goes 22 for 35 with 297 yards, and 2 TDs as the Titans manage be squeeze out a victory over the sliding Texans. Houston goes into the playoffs now with 3 straight losses and an offense that looks like it has become inept. It looked like Houston was going to win this game after a score with just seconds remaining, but then their false-start on the 2 point-conversion set them back. Then the coaching staff decided to go for 2 again. This decision is perplexing at best and idiotic at worst. Needless to say they didn’t get it.


Jacksonville Jaguars 19

Indianapolis Colts 13

The winning streak is over for Orlovsky and the Colts as Jacksonville brings Indianapolis back to reality with a loss. Jones-Drew went off for 169 yards on the 25 carries and the Gabbart pathetically only tosses 89 yards in the air. This was a game of the meek, week, and pathetic as the records of these two teams would indicate. They combine for 25 losses on the season. Good football is not was we were expecting. The only question with these teams is who they’re going to draft. Can anyone say Luck?


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons 45

Tampa Bay  Buccaneers 24

Turner goes off for 172 yards on the ground on only 17 carries as Atlanta dominates. Tampa Bay’s Freeman goes 31 for-45 for 274 yards and 2 TDs, but it isn’t nearly enough considering the Buccaneers also turned over the ball 4 times. This game was completely over in the first half with the Falcons putting up 42 points by half-time.  


New Orleans Saints 45

Carolina Panthers 17

Brees goes 28 for 35 for 389 yeards and 5 TDs to lead the Saints easily over the Falcons. With the Saints putting up 24 points in the first half and Carolina’s 2 turnovers, this game was over before it began. Brees’ 5 TDs were nothing short of outstanding and the Saints’ offense is looking ready to battle, as the playoffs are upon us.


Game of the Week

Tennessee Titans 23

Houston Texans 22

Hasselbeck goes 22-35 for 297 yards, and 2 TDs as Tennessee narrows escapes with a victory. Houston made a last second charge led by Delhomme who went 18-28 with 211 yards in the air and 1 last second TD. It looked like we were all ready to head to OT, but then the Texans decided to go for 2 even after getting a false-start charge. Perhaps, they should have listened to the Gods, kicked the extra-point and headed to OT because with their 2nd 2-point conversion attempt they snapped the ball about 4 feet over Delhomme’s head and went down in flames. This game was well fought, if not well played. The ramifications for the Texans is they now head into the playoffs with 3 straight loses and can’t be feeling good about their chances of winning anything this post-season.


Offensive Player of the Week

Drew Brees- 28-35 completions, 389 yards, 5TDs – I’m going to have to start call the Offensive Player of the Week award simply the Drew Brees award. With numbers like this it’s tough to see how he doesn’t win it every week. Brees has the New Orleans’ offense firing on all cylinders with the playoffs upon us. The Saints passing game is second to none in the NFL and Brees is once again in contention for the MVP award with his amazing numbers. He completed 71.2% of his passes in 2011 for an NFL record 5,476 yards, averaging 8.3 yards per toss, and with 46 TDs. This give him a rating of 110.6. Definitely MVP contending numbers. The real question is if the New Orleans defense can show up when it counts and with the playoffs starting, that time is now.


Defensive Player of the Week

Atlanta’s Secondary 3 INT, 1 TD – The secondary of Atlanta was outstanding this week picking off 3 of Freeman’s throws and returning one for a TD. The success of the secondary is partly due to the pressure being applied upfront by the Atlanta defensive line, who were continually in the Buccaneer backfield and partly due to the fact that no one is mistaking Freeman for Rogers. With this said, the Atlanta secondary came up big and were the difference in a game where Ryan’s stats were less than spectacular. It sure is nice to have some solid D to rely on. As Atlanta heads into the playoffs, this balance of offensive attack and defensive prowess will serve the Falcons well.


Division standings

AFC South
Houston Texans 10-6
Tennessee Titans 9-7
Jacksonville Jaguars 5-10
Indianapolis Colts 2-14

NFC South
New Orleans Saints 13-3
Atlanta Falcons 10-7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-10
Carolina Panthers 5-10


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