God of War IV Getting Co-op Mode?

More rumors pop up surrounding a fourth console God of War title.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Rumors are swirling that God of War IV is on the way to PlayStation 3 in 2012. Now a new rumor is popping up online, courtesy of UK magazine PSM3 (via Sillegamer), that points to a cooperative mode being introduced to the franchise.

In the mode, player 1 will play as a dead (?) Kratos, while player 2 will control his brother Deimos (Spoiler: last seen actually dead in the PSP title God of War: Ghost of Sparta). The angry duo will apparently be trying to escape the afterlife. We’re having flashes of God of War meets The Great Escape, and somehow we’re OK with it.

Rumors of a God of War IV started gaining traction this past October when Sony Santa Monica, the developers of the console versions of God of War, posted a job looking for a senior concept artist to “join the GOW team.” Is the pointing meant to be taken literally, or is it just talking generalities, using God of War as a way to sell the company’s brand and make people interested in joining such a high profile studio. Your guess is as good as ours, honestly.

The last console God of War title was God of War III in 2009. As you can probably remember, it was quite spectacular. But until we hear an official confirmation of God of War IV, at least we have Starhawk to look forward to from Sony Santa Monica, in collaboration with LightBox Interactive of course.

More on this rumor as it comes to light.