This is REALLY Happening. PERIOD. #4

10 Most DOOMED Stories in 2011. Its the best of the strangest. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Every 28 days Tim Powers & Sax Carr return with more DOOMED stuff.

Well 2011 is over, and boy was it DOOMED! Here we have a collection of all the best, the 10 best and strangest and weirdest and grossest REAL news stories of 2011. So sit back, take your mood stabilizers, and prepare to hear the "Best of the Doomed". We have stories of sex with all kinds of things from Bears to Cars to… well you don't want to know. We have people on drugs, and stone sober, getting into fights, trying to stop cars with their feet, and submitting to medical disasters. We got riff-able stories of jackknifed cereal trucks, and disturbing stories of serial perverts. Its been a very doomed year, and here it is in review on   This is REALLY Happening, the Internet’s most Schadenfreude-iest show!

This is REALLY happening… PERIOD!


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WARNING This Show Contains Adult Humor  WARNING

WARNING This Episode Contains Adult Humor WARNING

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