Funny Pages – Holiday Break

Happy Holidays Cravers, if you’re bored between the high holidays and New Years, get your funny on!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s got everything, Beer, Sex, Fat People! It’s a roqious day for viral videos, so put your video condom on and let’s get to watching (safety first)!


Dailymotion  – Time (link)

This short by ‘Good Cop, Great Cop’ is the first of the 2012/new years videos. It’s as short, sweet and memorable 2009. God what a piece of crap year that was, right?


Break  – How To Steal Beer (link)

This is why you learn to do kegels stretches.  I’m kind of scared for the guy that goes home with this chick, he could be scarred for life… just a thought, they’re having sex, something jumps out from behind a curtain, she’s shocked and suddenly it’s curtains for his jimmy john, ala some kind of Lorena Kegel Bobbit maneuver.


Atom Films – Extra Butter, Please:204 (link)

This is one Phat parody video. Though the trailer parodies cold have been done better. Too much breaking the 4th wall in the voice over.


College Humor – The Six Girls You'll Date in College (link)

Josh Ruben stars as YOU in this college dating satire on college humor. Apparently you’re pretty good-looking, though a little dorky. But you get to hook up with Tron Girl, my friend Lauren Francesca, so that’s cool. Kudos to you.


Dorkly – QWOP Guy Has Sex (link)

The world’s hardest running game, QWOP, takes a girl for a ride around the track.

Dear Dorkly, you’re the best at sexing. Thank you.


UCB Comedy – Glengarry Glen Girl Scout (link)

UCB brings on some classiness, by presenting a live stage sketch of Glenngary Glen Ross, paired with the hard boiled world of selling Girl Scout cookies.


That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and QWOP all the Sexing!

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Here’s some bonus fun just in time for the holidays: