The 5 Biggest Gaming Events of 2011

A year in review for the gaming world…

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson


2011 was a wild ride for the gaming industry. Before the year closes completely, we've decided to take a run at going over the biggest happenings. What you're about to read isn't necessarily ranked. We just looked over the news archive for the past year and picked out the moments that shaped the months within.

Sony's PlayStation Network Gets Hacked

Between April 17th and April 19th, the PlayStation Network was under attack from an outside threat. On April 20th, Sony deemed their network insecure and shut it down. The PSN was out and unavailable for roughly 23 days before Sony began bringing pieces of the service back online.

Why was this huge? It changed gamers' perspectives on security in their medium. Account information was compromised, and Sony had to deal with the fallout of an insecure network and a frustrated fanbase. This moved our worlds from fun and games into a land of more serious control.

Nintendo Releases the 3DS

System releases will always be big moments during any calendar year. The 3DS dropped in the States in March; while its jaunt out of the gates was a mess, Nintendo announced a price cut in August that sent the system into a state of selling well.

Gamers have another playground to enjoy their software on. While the 3D may not be for everyone, Nintendo's delivered a new way to play again. This device will shape the portable landscape for years to come.

Sony Announced and Unveiled the PS Vita

The follow-up to the PSP is officially available in Japan. Gamers elsewhere will need to wait until February of next year to get their hands on the device. Sony made waves before summer when they unveiled the system.

The PS Vita sports exceptional graphics, a gorgeous display, more inputs than you can shack a stick at and, speaking of sticks, two analog nubs for even better gaming control. If it tops the PSP in software and playability, this handheld will be incredible come February of 2012.

Nintendo Announces the Wii U

The company had to come up with something this year. The Wii U debuted at E3, after being leaked a month earlier, and took audiences by complete surprise. Its controller has a giant screen in the center that can stream games even when the television connected to the device is turned off.

Will it do well when it launches next year? Who knows… The device is crazy, and that's completely in Nintendo's wheelhouse as of late.

Duke Nukem Forever Releases

Did everyone like the game? Absolutely not. But seeing the title that defined "vaporware" actually come to market may as well have been on our bucket lists.

Yeah, it happened. Crazy.