6 Awful College Football Bowl Games

Alright... Now it's just getting stupid...

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

It seems now there's a f-ing college bowl game to go with every horrible school out there nowadays. Horrible, awful college football games featuring awful schools duking it out at some stadium in Kalamazoo, Michigan. 

Because let's be honest — it's all about advertising dollars. You're the 38th ranked team in Kentucky? We've got a bowl game for you!

Bowl games used to be an accomplishment! Now, it's just special olympics.

We here at CRAVE have found some of the stupidest bowl games ever conceived. Feast your eyes:

Fun Fact: The PF Chang's Constipation Bowl was given the axe after a Arizona QB blew out his colon trying to fire one out before a game.


Fun Fact: This bowl game is still around, known for the cheerleaders and creepy old man boners.


Combining the thrilling excitement of football and checking accounts.


Fun Fact: This bowl game was discontinued after the realization that black players make the game much more exciting.


Fun Fact: Apparently, a lot of people tuned in — but they eventually forgot why.


We lied. Best Bowl Game. Ever. 


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