Holiday Tech Guide

We have five of the coolest tech gadget gift ideas for you.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but it’s the holidays. Yes it’s that joyous/stressful time of the year where you sort of wonder why everyone is much, much happier than you. Do you know what makes this time of the year tolerable? Booze – a lot of it. Also giving/getting cool gifts eases the pain for those who hate the holidays. So why not give/get some of the coolest tech devices out there?

For those who hate the holidays – but love tech gadgets – here’s CraveOnline’s guide to 5 gifts that will keep you merry. And don't forget to check out our Crave Holiday Gift Guide!


1) inMotion Air Wireless Speakers

The folks at Altec Lansing put out a fine audio system sans wires: no stupid cables, no idiotic docks, and no annoying complications once it’s up and running.


2) 3M’s Shoot ‘n Share

The device is a nifty little camera/video recorder that, get this, can instantly project your images onto a white wall (sorry orange walls; take a break). What digital cameras did for immediately viewing photos, the Shoot 'n Share does for spontaneous home video film festivals. Better yet, Shoot `n Share fits into the palm of your hand and is roughly the size of an overweight iPhone.


3) HP ENVY 14

Sure cool aesthetics are great and all, but what makes the Envy really unique? It’s all about sound. The Envy has hooked up with Dr, Dre and Beats to bring you the best sound possible in a laptop. That’s right, theEnvy 14 comes loaded with Beats Audio and you know what that means: lower lows and deeper bass notes.


4) UClear Helmet Communicator

This device is something right out of RoboCop (if RoboCop liked listening to music and making calls while biking). Fitting snuggly into your bike helmet, this dandy device’s Bluetooth technology allows you to listen to music via your music player; sans wires, while hitting the trails. Same holds true with making calls. While letting your passion for mountain biking get in the way of a booty call. For added fun; make friends with someone who also has a UClear Helmet Communicator and converse. Sample conversation: “Isn’t biking fun!?”


5) iMain Go X

In the future, our smartphones will be our sole entertainment device. The gadget is the latest in Portable Sound Laboratories’ line of speaker cases – that offers both form and function in terms of protecting your smartphone by entombing it inside a speaker case. What I like about the cool, solid protective box design: it perfect for listening to tunes while biking or skateboarding; if you wipe-out or go flying off your board, both your smartphone and speakers will come out intact. No muss. No fuss