Six Guns #3 – Matt Slade Steals the Show

The modern western wreaking havoc in South America gets even more badass thanks to one crazy bounty hunter.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Six Guns #3

When last we left Six Guns, full of old-school western characters from Marvel's long-ago past rebooted to fit the modern era, the disparate group of guys were all converging on San Diablo, South America, each with their own agenda, each with more than a lick of violence in mind.  In Six Guns #3, the shinola hits the fan, and even with The Black Rider, the Two-Gun Kid, Tarantula and Texas Ranger Tex Dawson on the scene, the show is well and duly stolen by Matt Slade, Bounty Hunter by the last page.

The only quiet portion of Andy Diggle's story is the very beginning, where the Black RIder (who speaks with the voice of Sam Elliott and you shan't tell me different) gets the story behind the Two-Gun Kid – his brother, Fernando Reyes, was killed by Vance, the same guy who offed the Rider's gang with a doublecross bomb.  Turns out Vance works for a private military outfit called Blackguard, who is owned by Roxxon, the energy company of evil which puts this squarely in the Marvel Universe – if Hero For Hire Tarantula didn't already.

Next page, everyone starts to show up at the Blackguard compound where Tarantula is being held.  Texas Ranger Tex Dawson's trying to capture the fugitive Tarantula with the friendly approach, only to get a gun in his craw for his trouble.  Black Rider and Two-Gun burst on the scene and start the gunfight.  Tarantula bites her way out of captivity and makes a break for it. 

Then Matt Slade drives a goddamn car right into the side of a goddamn jumbo jet to stop her from escaping, eliciting the joyous, adrenalized laughter that only comes when watching crazy stunts in awesome action movies.  Well done, Diggle.  And well done, Davide Gianfelice, bringing home Slade's fuck-you-this-is-how-all-business-I-am bravado in the illustration of that final sequence.

Six Guns is a badass modern western that's loads of fun and just damn cool.  Read it while it lasts, hombre.