The ‘Prometheus’ Trailer Reveals Exciting Plot Points! [UPDATED]

BIG NEWS: It's all about the Space Jockey!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

After days of buildup, including three teasers for the trailer itself (seriously, how ridiculous was that?), the trailer for Ridley Scott's long-awaited follow-up/prequel to Alien is finally available online. The trailer to Prometheus is a string of awe-inspiring images, and we can't wait to see the finished product. [UPDATE: We have the an embed of the trailer for your enjoyment.


Unfortunately the actual content of the trailer is pretty slim. But what we now know for sure is that the Space Jockey is definitely an important part of the plot. Remember the Space Jockey?

The giant alien, whose apparently dessicated corpse was reclining in a chair in the first Alien, appears in at least two places:

1) His/her/its head is being scanned on a table… 

2) His/her/its platform in motion, and…

3) Possibly flying through the air at a member of the cast? Nah, probably not. Maybe that's one of the cast members who just gets an alien head at some point. We're not confident about this one, but it's something to consider.


The marketing campaign for Prometheus may be a little too cocksure for its own good, what with all the teasers for a teaser trailer, but it looks like they're promoting something really special. Fingers crossed. Prometheus hits theaters June 8, 2012.

You can watch and download the trailer at Apple now!