Breaking Down The NBA East

With Rip Hamilton the Bulls have it all, but is it enough?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

It is undeniable the Bulls have the best defense in the East and everyone always says championships are built on defense. It is also undeniable that Derek Rose solidified himself in the 2010-2011 season as a legitimate NBA All-Star that is capable of taking and making the game winning shot, as well as dominating the floor. When this is combined with Noah and Deng and the Bulls overall height and youth, it’s hard to find a weakness.

The one thing everyone kept saying was Chicago needed a 2-guard, but this off-season they acquired veteran long-range specialist Rip Hamilton. Rip is the perfect cog to this well-oiled machine. Problem Solved. The Bulls are a legit championship contender, so why don’t I have them willing the East?

It’s simple. The Miami Heat are going to not only win the East, they are going to win the championship this year. This is going to be the year that Dwade, LeBron, and Bosch put it all together. Lets not forget Miami did a little holiday shopping too and the gift they unwrapped down by the beach is defensive specialist Shane Battier. The perfect fit in the Heat’s own machine.

This year LeBron won’t vanish in the finals, but will rise to the level of greatness he is capable of. This year the Big Three figure out not only how to play together, but how to win together down the stretch. Lets not forget when Boston put together their own dream-team a few years back, they didn’t win their first year either. This is Miami’s year. Chicago will have their time in the sun, but it’s not now.