Sh*t Girls, Guys, and Gays Say

5 videos of everybody saying sh*t!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

The web series Shit Girls Say has taken the internet by storm, despite not knowing anything about computers. The first episode, which debuted last week, has been viewed almost 5 million times. Naturally, the switch got flipped on the internet parody machine and now we have a few variations for different races, sexes and sexual orientations. In the interest of celebrating diversity in stereotypes, here are 5 videos about shit that people say…


Shit Girls Say

I’m listening!


Shit Black Girls Say

This video? It’s my jam.


Shit Guys Say

Hey, sometimes balls need to be readjusted. That’s just the way of things.


Shit Gays Say

Richard’s gonna be pissed off.


Shit Southern Gays Say

I hope that Sunday School principal doesn’t like YouTube videos.


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