FINALLY: The Real Writer of ‘Roman Holiday’ Honored

Dalton Trumbo finally gets credit for writing the American classic after 58 years of blacklisting.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Every once in a while, Hollywood rights a great wrong. Orson Welles finally got his own cut of Touch of Evil in 1998, 13 years after his death. Roger Corman finally got an honorary Academy Award in 2009. And now – finally – Dalton Trumbo is getting some respect. The acclaimed writer of Spartacus, Exodus and The Brave One was blacklisted after refusing to accuse his friends in front of The House un-American Activities Committee, and spent eleven months in prison for his trouble. For years, Trumbo could only get his screenplays produced under pseudonyms.

One such production was Roman Holiday, the classic romantic comedy (we guess it would have to be "romantic" woudn't it?) starring Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn in her first starring role as a princess who goes AWOL with a reporter in Rome.. Trumbo won an Oscar, but could not accept it without giving away his identity. The Oscar was presented to his frontman, Ian McLellan Hunter, in his stead. The Academy finally presented Trumbo's widow with a posthumous Oscar in 1993, but the Writers Guild of America never followed suit… until now. Deadline reports that Trumbo has now officially been credited as the writer of Roman Holiday, solely credited with the film's story and sharing a screenplay credit with Hunter and John Dighton. The correction is due to the efforts of Hunter's and Trumbo's respective sons, whose full story will be told in the January issue of Written By magazine.

Relive the magic that is Roman Holiday, and go about the rest of your day knowing that everything will eventually be okay.