Kobe Fired

Vanessa Bryant files for divorce.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Kobe’s won 5 championship rings, but he’ll soon be losing a ring on a different finger. Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce this week from her husband Kobe Bryant who will soon be parting with his wedding ring and half of his huge empire. That’s right, no pre-nup. Ouch. Now, that’s going to hurt.

Vanessa’s camp reports she can’t put up with his infidelity any more. To be fair, Kobe’s infidelity has been pretty high profile. Do I need to mention the 2003 rape/sodomy accusations levied against him. Although these charges were eventually dropped under dubious context, his infidelity was never denied. Even through this embarrassing fiasco Vanessa stood by her million-dollar man, but apparently after 10 ½ years, she’s had enough.

It looks like this will be a relatively amicable divorce with the Bryants already settling the divorce privately with the help of counsel and joint custody of their two young daughters. Oh, and in their official statement, the Bryants asked for privacy. Good luck with that Kobe.