PS Vita Running into Launch Problems in Japan

They look happy in the picture, but not everything is great surrounding the Vita launch....

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


The PlayStation Vita officially launched this past weekend in Japan. However, the event wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Quite a few Vita purchasers are running into problems with their brand-new handhelds. Some are reporting unresponsiveness with their touchscreen and buttons, while others are experiencing something being labeled as “staining screen."

Here’s a look at the unresponsive issue, courtesy of Kotaku.

Now, here’s the ugly staining screen problem in full effect:


As many online sites have already pointed out, hardware launch issues are nothing new for the industry. The Xbox 360 had the infamous Red Ring of Death, which lasted years mind you, and more recently, the Nintendo 3DS suffered from rough freezing issues around its launch. The PS Vita is just going through its own unique growing pains. It’s just unfortunate that a handful of early adopters have to be the system’s guinea pigs.

While the Vita launched this past weekend in Japan, it’s not planned to release in the States until February 22, 2012. That’s plenty of time for Sony to work out the bugs and hopefully have a smooth launch for round two. At least that’s the way we hope it goes down.

Fingers crossed, everyone.