NFL Wrap-Up: Week 15 South Divisions

Carolina and the Colts both win. Could this be the apocalypse?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

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AFC South

Atlanta Falcons 41

Jacksonville Jaguars 14

Ryan goes 19 for 26 with 224 yards and 3 TDs to lead Atlanta to their 9th win.  Gabbert can only muster 141 yards in the air as the Panther offense looks impotent. Jacksonville give up 4 turnovers as they beg for a Falcon beat-down and get exactly what the deserve.


Indianapolis Colts 27

Tennessee Titans 13

Colts win! This is not a misprint. I repeat, Colts win! Wow, who thought Indianapolis would actually win a game this season, but the Titans defense proved so pathetic the colts mustered 27 points. In all honesty, most of the work was done by Donald Brown who ran for 161 yards and 1 TD, but bottom-line is a win is a win. NFL beware. The Colts are back and at 1 and 13 they are on a streak.


NFC South

New Orleans Saints 42

Minnesota Vikings 20

Brees leads the way going 32 for 40 for 412 yards and 5 TDs. Oh yes, I said 5 TDs. To say the Saints owned the air is an understatement. This was one of the best passing displays of the year as the Saint dominated the Viking’s secondary.  Even two New Orleans turnovers couldn’t slow down this scoring attack. Realistically, Minnesota was never really never in the game as the Saints are simply the better team.


Carolina Panthers 28

Houston Texans 13

Newton doesn’t have the most impressive statistical game of the year, but his 13-23 in the air for 149 yards and 2 TDs is enough to push the Panthers on to the promise land against the badly injured Texas. It would be easy to say the Texas gave this one to Carolina as much as the Panthers won it, but in reality Carolina played a good game and responded with points when they needed it. Perhaps, this is a glimpse of a young team and quickly maturing QB.


Game of the Week

Indianapolis Colts 27

Tennessee Titans 13

How could this not be the game of the week. Indianapolis finally won a game. That’s right, after losing 13 consecutive games to start off the season and solidify themselves as the worst team in the NFL, the Colts won a game. I’m sure they were just as shocked by their victory as the rest of us were. The Colts’ QB Orlovsky had a mesmerizingly pathetic day with only 82 yards in the air, so how did the Colts win? Donald Brown put the shameful Colts on his back and single-handedly carried them to victory with 161 yards on the ground. In defense of the Colts horrible reputation, the Titans did turn over the ball 3 times, doing everything they could to help the colts win.


Offensive Player of the Week

Drew Brees- 32-40 completions, 412 yards, 5TDs: Drew Brees is the Offensive Player of the Week again in the South. This seasoned QB has completely come into his own and now picks apart cornerbacks and secondaries like a surgeon. His week 15 stats are incredible. 5 TDs with 412 yards is incredible. Brees is both a team leader and a fierce competitor, but perhaps the most impressive thing out of all of this is his teammates respect on the field and off. He is the real deal. Brees is quite literally the heart and soul of the Saints.


Defensive Player of the Week

John Abraham 5 Tackles, 3.5 Sacks: Abraham basically setup a picnic in the backfield of the Jacksonville offense Sunday. With 3.5 sacks, Abraham was a one man wrecking crew. This defensive end has shown greatness in spurts throughout his career, but his 8.5 sacks on the year shows how his consistency as one of the most feared defenders in the league is locked in. His combination of speed and strength creates difficult matchups for offensive lines and this combined with his experience (111 career sacks) is tough to stop.

Division standings

AFC South

Houston Texans 10-4
Tennessee Titans 7-7
Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9
Indianapolis Colts 1-13


NFC South

New Orleans Saints 11-3
Atlanta Falcons 9-6
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9
Carolina Panthers 5-9