7 Fan Reenactments of Cartoons

Ninja Turtles, Pokemon and more brought from Toontown to the real world.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

If you love cartoons, you’re gonna go muthf***in’ looney over these shot-for-shot recreations of moments from your favorite animated series and movies. Some of them are low-budget, others are so well-produced, your jaw will drop like a cartoon wolf when he sees a hot lady. Enjoy these 7 live-action reenactments of cartoons, made by the fans:


The Simpsons

I bet this video’s craft services included erotic cakes.



These Media Arts students all get an “A” in my book, the only book that matters.


The Real Ghostbusters

It’s a live-action version of a cartoon based on a live-action movie. Somebody call Eddie Valiant, so we can sort this out.


Toy Story

Starts at 2:36. Not to worry, Toy Story fans. This video won’t get you misty-eyed.



I wanna be there very best / at pretending to be Pikachu…


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

They should have called Jim Henson to see if they still could dust off the costumes from the 90s.


A Goofy Movie

I think these guys are opening for Powerline now.


Bonus: South Park

Oh my god, they killed Kenny… in my dimension!


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