5 Funny Videos About Pizza Bagels

Fact: America loves Pizza Bagels.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Thanks to food innovations from the 90s, pizza can be eaten anytime of day. The morning, the evening, even suppertime, which is vastly different from the evening. The Pizza Bagel has captured the imagination of filmmakers, musicians and animators. If you’re hungry, take a stroll through the enchanted, rubber-cheesy world of Pizza Bagels…


The Pizza Bagels Commercial Everyone Loves

This commercial is the best that 1996 has to offer.


“Pizza Bagel” – Parry Gripp

It’s food that makes you say “whoaaaaa!”


“Mama John’s Pizza Bagels” – The Whitest Kids U’Know

Oh man, that guy has a very clear vision for what breakfast should be.


What Can Get Chief Wiggum Down From A Tree?

To be fair, that would also get me down from a tree.


“Pizzaaaaaaaaaaaa Bagels”

What was the name of that food again?


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