It’s Robert Redford vs. The Ocean in ‘All is Lost!’

The Sundance Kid himself will take on the forces of nature in J.C. Chandor's follow up to Margin Call.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Robert Redford may be one of the biggest stars in Hollywood history, but he doesn't do a lot of acting these days. He's appearing in, and directing, next year's thriller The Company You Keep along with Shia LaBeouf, Nick Nolte and Anna Kendrick, but mostly he's keeping it on the down low. That's about to change with All is Lost, a film which finds Redford braving the elements to survive at sea. Yeah, it sounds a lot like an aquatic Jeremiah Johnson, but apparently that's kinda the point.

Deadline reports that Redford is in talks to star in All is Lost, the sophomore film from writer/director J.C. Chandor, whose first film, Margin Call, was an excellent and involving drama about the recent financial crisis. Chandor wrote the film with Redford in mind after meeting the iconic actor/director at Sundance. Plot details are minimal, but Redford would apparently carry the film almost entirely by his lonesome. It's like The Old Man and the Sea, but without a classroom of disinterested English majors involved.

Chandor's got a difficult road ahead of him, since the second film is often the real litmus test for a serious filmmaker, particularly if their first film is as acclaimed as Margin Call. Quentin Tarantino knocked it out of the park with Pulp Fiction after the comparatively rough Reservoir Dogs tested the waters, but Kevin Smith's Mallrats failed to capitalize on the success of Clerks. Paul Thomas Anderson was rewarded for his ambition when he directed Boogie Nights after Hard Eight, but The Road to Perdition was a bit of a letdown after Sam Mendes' acclaimed debut American Beauty. Could go either way, and all eyes are watching. No pressure, J.C…

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