Review: Walking Dead #92

The tension is bubbling over in Rick Grimes' rag-tag group of survivors on the march to #100.

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Walking Dead #92

The Walking Dead #92 answers the burning question, “Where Do We Go From Here?” The gang we’ve followed since issue #1 has grown, thinned out, been killed, killed others and is now living in a secure little community with Rick Grimes once again acting as leader.  Shit has gotten thick though. Rick’s starting to come unglued, his already fucked-up kid Carl got shot, the roamers are all around them and supplies are running short. There are also all kinds of interpersonal stories that are bubbling over. The kettle of The Walking Dead needed to boil over.

Enter Paul Monroe, a vagabond looking man with a military fighting style and the nickname “Jesus”. After disarming Michonne and her bulky escort, Monroe demands to see Rick to explain his arrival. It turns out he’s the leader of one of two huge communities. They want to trade with Rick’s tiny army in the hopes of opening a mutually beneficial system. Naturally, Rick is unflinching in his cynicism about Paul Monroe and the bigger band of merry folks out there sitting through the apocalypse. In the final pages, we learn that Rick and his band might just learn that humanity is pushing ahead in bigger numbers than he’d imagined.

Like I said, this is the “Where Do We Go From Here” story. It takes little faith to know that issue #100 of Walking Dead is going to be an ass chapper. Shit will go down, lives will get fucked, and the dense swamp of existence will get murkier. In order for the shitstorm to rev up to full action potential, Robert Kirkman has to get all the ducks in a row. It’s hard to have a vicious #100 if everything doesn’t lead up to it perfectly. What better way than to introduce a new sect of folks who could be allies or could be murdering psychos? In that turn, Rick and his crew might get all uppity and decide to start acting out in order to run the bigger operation. Anything is possible and that’s what Kirkman is counting on.

Issue #92 is little more than set up issue. A bit of violence and a kick-ass fight scene aside, it’s really a way to set up the next story arc. The reason Robert Kirkman is a great writer and why The Walking Dead has lasted so long is he makes this issue interesting. He creates some new dynamics between Michonne and her bulky escort, plus he deepens the distress of Carl, something that weighs heavily on Rick. It’s been many moons since the zombies were the real terror of Walking Dead. It’s all about humanity. How awful we are, how good we can be and what desperate things we will do to survive. The backbone to Walking Dead can be seen exposed in issue #92. That enigma of man and what we will believe in when it comes to moving forward.

As usual I hate the art. I know, it’s heresy but every damn character looks exactly the same. When Paul Monroe first stepped up I thought it was the Governor, the man who raped Michonne and almost wiped our heroes off the map back in the prison days. That kind of art doesn’t help the story so people can say what they want, to me it’s boring and hard to care about.

Walking Dead #92 is going to spring board all of us faithful readers to the whatever sinister thing waits for us in issue #100.