5 Bears Who Wave At People

They’re waving us over, so they can steal our pic-a-nic baskets.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Bears: polite animals or furry murder machines? Though I think of bears as huge and terrifying killers, these videos show their softer side. Here are 5 bears who cutely wave at people, perhaps because they’re friendly, hungry… or maybe because they’re luring you into their sinister, murder-based trap. Who can say for sure?


A Quick Wave Among Friends

They both have girlie waves.


Double Wave

The waves happen at the beginning and at :37 seconds. Feel free to skip the chit-chat among boring humans.


Confused Wave

“Why are human children so irritating,” wondered the bear.


Holding Out

Wait for it…


Friendly Bears

Why don’t you get out and try to steal one of their cubs? I’m sure they’ll be cool with it.


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