6 American Comedians In Bizarre Taiwanese Animations

They got turned into the funny kind of avatars.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

You’ve no doubt seen at least one of these weird CG news cartoons from Taiwan. They’re by Next Media Animation (NMA.TV), who uses avatar animation – and an… uh, 'off-beat' sense of humor – to report news events. Here are a few American comedians who can be seen in their videos getting mauled by tigers and peeing on internet fans.


Louie CK

Paying $5 for his downloadable stand-up special allows you to un-see this.


Jon Stewart

You want a donut, Stephen Colbert? Well, too bad!


Conan O'Brien

You can currently see Andy Richter in the San Diego Zoo, but he’ll be moving to Pittsburgh next month.


Seth Myers

Osama Bin Laden really died from choppy CG animation.


Ashton Kutcher

If Two and a Half Men took place on the set shown :47 seconds in, I would TiVO it.


Norm McDonald

Fact: when you’re the best at Twitter, the Twitter Bird perches onto your phone.


Bonus: The Simpsons

Comic Book Guy masturbates to this every night.


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