Support Charity, Pay What You Want for 5 Amazing Games

Including Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner and Shank

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Super Meat Boy

If you're new to the world of the Humble Bundle, sit up and listen…this thing is awesome.

Essentially, the Humble Bundle group grabs several indie developers and one of their projects and jams them together with other games. They call it a "Humble Bundle." They let customers pay whatever they want for said bundle, and, at the time of payment, customers decide how much of their money goes to the group, charities or the developers.

The charities this Humble Bundle supports are the American Red Cross and Child's Play.

Across 7 bundles, the group has received more than $7 million in sales and charitable contributions. That's not too shabby for a bunch of indie games sold at whatever price consumers deem to be appropriate.

The games included in The Humble Bundle 4 are nothing short of incredible, making this one possibly the best bundle yet. Pay whatever you want and you'll get Shank, Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Runner, Jamestown and Night Sky HD. If you pay more than the average price being payed, you'll also get Cave Story+ and Gratuitous Space Battles.

The real beauty of this whole thing? These games are both DRM Free and playable on all platforms. Mac, Linux, and Windows compatible. You'll be able to use direct downloads, torrents and Steam.

What are you waiting for!? Pay what you want for awesome games and support charity.