5 Foods Inspired By Ron Swanson

The boss on Parks & Recreation wants to show you his meat.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ron Swanson is the boss on NBC’s Parks & Recreation. He also eats “like a boss,” devouring nothing but meat products and meat products wrapped in other meat products. Try not to get caught in the middle of this meat tornado, as we look at 5 foods inspired by Ron Swanson – some from the show, others from the fans.


The Swanson

Turkey wrapped in bacon. *Tear*


Ron Swanson Turkey Burger

When asked if he had ever tried a turkey burger, Ron replied: “is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger?” It is now. [via]


Ron Swanson Classics

Needs more turf. [via]


All The Bacon & Eggs You Have Ice Cream

Which poses an interesting question: does Ron love bacon and eggs enough to buy something from Ben & Jerry’s?


Ron Swanson Cookies

Cookies paying tribute to meat. There’s nothing more American than that. [via]


Bonus: “Ron Swanson vs. Meat”

Swanson and beef: the love story for our times.


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