8 Very Bold Geek Tattoos

Would you get one of these?

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

A tattoo is a badge of honor. You get a tattoo to say something very specific about who you are as a person. Sometimes people feel so strongly about something they HAVE to have it on their bodies for life. And Geeks are no different. 

We here at CRAVE have spent some time compiling some bold choices as far as geek tattoos are concerned. We're not saying these choices in body art are bad or good, we're just pointing out that to get some of these tats you are making a very BOLD CHOICE. 

Take a look at what we've found:



We tried to find her phone number too… (sigh) Unlisted…


2. "Love Cats"


I'm sure this was James Cameron's intended vision. His multi-million dollar creation scrawled across a freckled back. 


3. "Batman in Love"

Who knew Batman was apart of the "It Gets Better Campaign"? 


4. "Sad 9/11 Batman"

Take it easy Batman, NYC isn't your turf, anyway. 


5. "Vengeful 9/11 Captain America"

Word is they're working this into the Avengers movie. 


6. "Thug Life Jar Jar"

Few people know that Jar Jar is a prime suspect in the murder of Notorious BIG. 


7. "Hello Kitty Stormtrooper"

Most adorable thing I've ever seen. 


8. "Comic Book Guy"

Yes… that is a butt-cheek. 

We dare you to get a CRAVE Online tattoo*


*By getting a Crave tattoo means we own you by extension.