The Weekly Crave Wrap-Up – 12/9/11

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Silas Lesnickby Silas Lesnick

The New Battleship Trailer and Poster are Here!
The new film from Peter Berg is based on the game from Hasbro 

CS Video Interviews: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

Conversations with Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and Tomas Alfredson

Ben Kingsley to Play Ender's Game
He's in negoations to play Mazer Rackham in the Orson Scott Card adaptation

Exclusive Interview with The Sitter Director David Gordon Green
On his latest comedy, starring Jonah Hill

Edgar Ramirez Up For Star Trek Sequel
Could he play Khan in the J.J. Abrams sequel?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – Weta Visit
A trip to the New Zealand-based special effects house

Three Minutes with Christopher Nolan
The "Dark Knight Rises" director discusses shooting in IMAX

'Drive 2' Anyone?
A sequel could be on the way, but not necessarily to theaters

No, Seriously… The Muppets Are NOT Liberal Propaganda
A counterpoint to the accusations about the film's alleged hidden message

Mark Strong Talks 'Tinker Tailor,' 'John Carter' and 'Green Lantern 2'
On his latest dramatic role and his future sci-fi ones

Choice Cuts 35: Bag of Bones' Mick Garris Interview Part 1
Garris discusses his return to adapting a work of Stephen King's

The Cabin in the Woods Trailer Toys With Expectations
Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard twist the horror genre on its head

Watch a Shocking Exclusive Clip from The Devil Inside
Paramount's latest "found footage" horror film

Apparently, It's Time for an American Psycho Remake
Patrick Bateman is going to get a modern day re-telling

The Evil Dead is Coming in 2013
The remake of Sam Raimi's classic now has a release date

The Poster For The Amazing Spider-Man!

Promising to tell "The Untold Story"

We've Seen the Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue
Six minutes of footage will screen before IMAX showings of "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" 

Michael Bay Planning to Return for Transformers 4
Bay sounds like he'll be back, but after he shoots his passion project

The Amazing Spider-Man Returns to LA In New Set Photos
Andrew Garfield is spotted swinging from streetlamps

Tom Wilkinson Rejoins The Lone Ranger

He'll pay a villainous railroad tycoon

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