9 Disney Mashups of Movie Trailers

Hakuna Mashup-tata!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

When you wish upon a star, your favorite movie trailer will get mashed up to include your favorite Disney, Pixar and Muppet characters. Actually, you don’t even need to wish upon anything, because YouTubers have probably done it already. Here are a few choice mashups featuring adult movies with a House of Mouse look.



A toy box within a toy box.


Sin City

“A beast man dies. A young princess lives. A fair trade.”


Mean Girls

I hate the princesses—I mean, plastics.


The Dark Knight

I… am… Lightyear!


Ocean’s Eleven

The Muppets aren’t communists, they’re jewel thieves.


Legally Blonde

I hear there’s a quota for how many frogs they let into Harvard each year.


Sucker Punch

You can’t even Disney-away the terrible.


True Grit

She needs to buy a $10 horse for Woody!


Pulp Fiction

“What do the call a Quarter Beaker in France?”


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