Sorry Elway, You’re Stuck With Tim Tebow

The former Denver star will have to embrace the new star at some point soon.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

By now, everyone is all too familiar with the story of Tim Tebow and the surprising Denver Broncos. The religiously outspoken throwback QB of the Denver Broncos has been the talk of the NFL season up to this point and has them on the brink of winning the AFC West after a horrendous 1-4 start under since released QB Kyle Orton.

Yep, the fact that Tebow has somehow managed to survive, hell (er, heck, sorry Tim), even thrive using his feet first with little to no passing has shocked everyone, including the Denver Brass. It's that last part, however, that doesn't get the recognition it deserves and leaves me with a huge smile on my face.

You see, both John Fox and more importantly John Elway, the two men tasked with turning around this Denver franchise, never wanted Tebow to succeed. Sure, right now things are all smiles and back pats, heck (see, I can learn) even in a recent article by Rick Reilly on ESPN, John Fox is credited for the offensive switch to the option-read and it's even said that he had always wanted to run this offense and that Tebow was just the greatest thing since sliced bed.

No, the truth is found in the preseason when Fox and Elway went from trying to trade Orton and start Tebow to starting Orton and dropping Tebow to 4th on the QB depth chart. They only turned to Tebow because the pressure of a bad start combined with the thunderous Tebow chants prompted them to make the change or literally get run off by the Broncos faithful.

The truth is that both Fox and Elway though that Tebow would crash and burn, allowing the tandem to move on from Tebow with a clear conscious and without rioting fans. The only problem with that is that the team started winning and that Tebow starting winning over teammates off the field along with the games on the field. The guy is so likable and honest that he even won over John Fox, leaving only Elway to frown and grimace at every mention of Tebow.

Make no mistake about it, Elway wants no part of Tebow long term and even still acts that way in interview, making little remarks about playing for the moment and not committing to anything past this season. The truth of it (yes, my favorite term at the moment), however, is that Tebow is going to be the Broncos QB for the next few years because the guy above Elway on the food chain, owner Pat Bowlen, is a sipper of the Tebow kool aid and realizes that even if Denver doesn't win a SuperBowl under Tebow, that just the media exposure from having him start makes Denver a much bigger brand.

Yep, it all comes down to dollars and cents and keeping Tebow in a Denver uniform just makes too much of them and if the guy can throw (or run) a few wins along the way, that's even better.

Elway's on the field legacy is forever stamped by his performance in clutch situations, but his off the field one, well, that's tied to a guy who has yet to show he can really handle the position he once occupied.

Yeah, I might frown some too.