Get the Favre Outta Here!

Rumors of another possible return to the NFL for Brett Favre have been put to rest - for now.

Ed Millerby Ed Miller

No you are not experiencing a wicked case of déjà vu, Brett Favre flooded the media this past week as it appeared the 42-year-old quarterback might try to make yet another return to the NFL.  Most of the speculation surrounding Favre was that he would take his talents to either Houston or Chicago but on Wednesday the former MVP laid all the rumors to rest.

"In spite of reports about playing with various teams, I'm enjoying retirement with my family and have no plans to play football," he said in a statement on his website.

We are willing to bet that this is not the last you’ve heard of him, however.  Whenever his name is muttered for any reason the media goes into a frenzy and since he still seems to be in shape to play he is like the new Jeff George or Vinny Testaverde – a guy who can come off his sofa and still chuck the long ball.  Heck, even Jeff Garcia just got a job with Houston at the age of 41!

Favre retired – for the third time – last season after spending two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings, the second of which was filled with injuries and less than stellar play.  He has said over the last year that he has no interest in returning to the NFL for what would be his 21st season.  The former Green Bay  Packers and New York Jets gunslinger had made similar statements twice before but just couldn’t walk away from the game he loves.

Favre finished his career with a number of NFL records, the biggest of which was the record for most consecutive games played at 297.  He threw for 508 touchdowns and a 62 percent completion rating over his career, helping him earn 11 Pro Bowl selections and three MVP awards – 1995, 1996, and 1997.

The rumors of Favre joining the Bears began last week after Chicago’s quarterback Jay Cutler suffered an injury and the rumors really heated up after the team lost a 10-3 heartbreaker to the Kansas City Chiefs this past Sunday.  This news has surely had Packers fans cursing Favre’s name even more than usual because after watching him give the franchise that did so much for him the cold shoulder, the thought of him in their arch-rivals jersey must have turned Packers fan’s faces the color of their jersey.

So for now the soap opera has been cancelled and like the rest of us, Favre might be forced to watch a rerun of Aaron Rodgers hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Photo courtesy of The Associated Press.