Carlos Mencia DVD Clips!

Sometimes I think this guy is out of his mind... of Mencia.

Zack S. Westby Zack S. West

For those still hurting from the cancellation of his show, Carlos Mencia has a brand new special coming out on DVD tonight.  The brash comic is back in Mind of Mencia form, with his unique take on social topics with equal parts brutal commentary and a goofy faces.    In this clip, he makes a bold claim about why Americans aren't crazy about soccer. 
DVD Exclusive – Carlos Mencia – America and Soccer
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And then a different take on a subject he's well-versed in. 
DVD Exclusive – Carlos Mencia – Immigration Problem
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Ultimately, fans will not be dissapointed.  If you can't wait for your next Mencia fix, pick up a copy of his new DVD here.