Funny Pages – Attack the Town

Sometimes you just have to suffer the villagers.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s videos prove that villages are meant for pillaging, grinding is for everyone (and everything) and funny or die, should just be called ‘Or die’. Enjoy these videos.

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UCB Comedy  – Women's Room (link)

You know, at some point this has happened to everyone right? Just me?


Dorkly  – How Diablo Destroyed Tristram (link)

If I could make sweet, sweet love down by the fire with one comedy producing video website, and you know not wear a condom, but swear I was going to pull out just in time it would be Dorkly.

And later when Dorkly swore up and down that they hadn’t been seeing anyone else, and it couldn’t possibly be any one else’s baby. I’d do the right thing, as long as every once in a while we could have freak ‘backdoor’ fun and invite over her cousin.

But hey, here’s a video about Diablo, and town portal’s … from HELL!


I mean in the butt.


College Humor  – Write it. Don't fight it. (link)

Jake and Amir are stuck in boring meeting and decide to do some light hearted texting. Then stuff goes bad… for Jake. What a bitch.

Definetly one of the funnier videos from this annoying duo.


Break  – Title (link)

Dear break, thank you for this really… I’m never going to unsee that. You bastards. And what’s wrong with kids today?! Hs grinding lost all it’s dignity?!


Funny Or Die – Home for Actresses (link)

There was a point (like over a year ago) where funny or die was funny. But apparently they’re going through the horrible disease that struck Saturday Night Live some time in the late 80’s and most of the way through the 90’s. They’re making videos… and they’ve got celebrities… but apparently butt monkeys have started typing on all the typewriters.

However, somewhere around the 2:20 mark Ellie Kemper does as much as possible to save the day, by bringing some actual comedy to the video… and at least some cute read headedness.

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That’s what’s funny on the world of the web today.

Now go forth and grind ahoy lad-o!

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Here’s some bonus fun just in time for the holidays: