New Resistance 3 DLC Goes Metal

The newly released “Brutality” pack features a soundtrack by Mastodon. No joke.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Sony and Insomniac Games are prepping a new downloadable content pack for Resistance 3 called the “Brutality” pack. With a name like that, you’d expect something really hardcore. That probably explains why Insomniac locked down a soundtrack for the DLC headlined by metal band Mastodon.

The Brutality DLC, on a gameplay front, offers up a new survival scenario taking place in a darker, more twisted version of the Wales location from the main multiplayer side of Resistance 3. You’ll be fending off waves of Grims while headbanging to Mastodon, no doubt. The DLC also comes with a new weapon, the sledgehammer.

The Resistance 3 “Brutality” DLC is available today for $3.99. Here’s a video preview, courtesy of the official PlayStation Blog.