Funny Pages – Halloween-A-Palooza

From Scary dogs, and bloody Mary to sexy Halloween costumes, ‘tis the season!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

A glut of Halloween videos has finally started to over take the internet, and I for one am glad to feature them here on the funny pages. From Scary pets and children hood fears one of Maxim’s Hottest home town hotties in a skimpy slide show of sexy costumes.

comments below or Tweet me on twitter @Samproof) I’ll be compiling a list and I’ll give you a shout out if I use your suggestion(s)!


Break – Melanie Iglesias Flip Book: (Halloween Edition) (link)

Maxim's Sexiest Girl of 2010, Melanie Iglesias, takes you on a slut-tastic tour of some tantalizing costumes for this Halloween. This salacious skin-capade is not the first of the models’ “Flip books” but according to her this is that in fact going to be her last.

So I guess we need find a new model to change her clothes on camera… where ever shall we find such a woman? Oh that’s right, this is the internet, everywhere!


Dailymotion – 10 Really Ugly Dogs (link)

Slide shows seem to be the theme of the day, as this top ten list of horrifying hounds scrolls through at record speeds. These despicable dogs may not be wearing costumes, but they’re sure to scare the living piss out of everyone this Halloween season


Atom Films – The Gate Show With Fred Stoller – 101 (link)

This is pretty much the best concept ever a man pretends to be some kind of combination of Ray Romano and Gilbert Gottfried and does a internet show from his security gate.

I actually really enjoyed this and look forward to future episodes. As a web video producer it’s got everything I want to rip off, a simply premise, a single location, pseudo celebrities and a creepy guy hitting on chick that talks about being naked. Now that’s art!


CollegeHumor – Celebrity Halloween Costumes (link)

College Humor present this “animation” which once, again is nothing more than a slide show of before and after drawings with an animated transition between frames.

It’s more annoying then it is funny, and would probably have worked better as an actual list of side by side drawings.


Funny Or Die – Bloody Murray (link)

This is definitely one of the better videos to come out of Funny or Die of late, and YAY, another Halloween video. It’s about time these things started taking over the web, I thought we were going to have another holiday that just siddled on by… like that uneventful Arbor day, what a stinker that was. It’s like nobody even knows all the suffering that we under went to get trees rights!



That wraps up another edition of the Funny Pages, let me know other sites to check out, and send me those Halloween video links!