Top 10 Canadians Cities To Live

If you want to live in Canada, you should definitely live in one of these spots.

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

Across Canada there are a number of great cities in which to settle down, places where there are picturesque views, a proud sense of community, as well as a bevy of jobs, things to do, and safe neighbourhoods. These are the top 10 Canadian cities to live.



This Quebec city has got it all – sites, sounds, history, and city and suburban living at its finest. A foodie’s haven, family-friendly with an exciting nightlife, Montreal is the province’s most popular city to live.



Although the cost of living here is a tad higher than most Canadian cities, Toronto is the country’s largest metropolis and has a booming job market along with tons of eclectic neighbourhoods that offer something for everyone.



In addition to the large number of government jobs available here, Ottawa and its surrounding areas have been desirable Canadian cities to live in because of the close-knit communities and wide range of solid older as well as newly-constructed homes. There’s also no shortage of activities at the numerous museums here along with a variety of outdoor events.



Where else can you lie on a sun-drenched beach staring at the snow-capped mountains? The housing is pricier in Vancouver but there are many unique companies in an array of industries who have offices here. This is also a great Canadian city to live if you love the outdoors and seasonal (non-frigid) temperatures.



Quaint and quiet, the capital city of British Columbia is nestled along the Pacific Coast and is known as being the city of gardens, making it a beautiful place to reside. It's also been called one of the biggest booming tech areas in the country.



With a wealth of jobs in the petroleum and agriculture sectors and considered to be one of Canada's more eco-friendly cities, Calgary boasts a number of safe, friendly communities and is one of the province's most popular tourist destinations.



Lighthouses, wonderful people, an abundance seafood, and a bevy of jobs in government services and private sector companies is what Halifax has in store for its residents. It is the main area of business and is the economic centre for the Maritime provinces.



Fredericton is known for their caring citizens and loads of natural wooded areas and trails, not to mention their extremely affordable housing and great family-oriented way of life.


St. John’s

The oldest English-founded city on the entire continent, St. John's is also the largest city in Newfoundland and Labrador. However, by other Canadian city standards, it's a small yet bustling town with a gorgeous cityscape, museums and urban parks, and a popular sports scene.



A safe but busy city and the capital of Saskatchewan, Regina is not only bursting with jobs in the oil and natural gas, potash, kaolin, sodium sulphite and bentonite industries but it also has a vibrant arts and cultural life along with tons of natural green space.