Four Celebs to Not Envy

Sure, most celebs lead crazy good lives of hot co-stars and super-powers—but often not forever. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

Money. Sex. Power. If you’ve ever envied a certain celeb, it might be for one or all of those reasons. I could add “good looks” to the list, but most of these celebs look better from far away under half a pound of make-up.

However, it’s always fun to celebrate the celebs who aren’t doing so well—who are more or less gone from the good graces and golden boy favor of the general public. Ha ha! Especially if they were once the little darlings of audiences everywhere.

Note: *I will work hard to not include people like Lohan and Sheen as they’re just far too painfully obvious.


Zac Efron.

Hasn’t seemed to recover from the demise and critical failure of a fine movie called “Charlie St. Cloud” a fine film about a boy who plays baseball with ghosts and falls for some chick, all the while finding time to indulge in hobbies like sailing. I know, sounds like a winner to me too.


Paris Hilton.

Ha ha. This was a long time coming. While she hasn’t clearly fallen apart like someone like Lohan, her time has indeed passed. It’s just hard to keep all that fresh, unless your name rhymes with “Babonna” and you have a team of people ready to update your image every five years. Ouch. Must be hard to stomach the fact threat she’s been surpassed by someone with an ass three times the size of her own.


Tiger Woods.

Okay, let me make my point here. I recently wrote an article about how a guy threw a hot dog at him. No one I spoke to had heard about this. No one I work with, no one I hang with, no one that works at my deli, and no one at the damn dog park. What does this mean? People are so over tiger. Men, women and dogs.


Demi Moore.

Okay, this one hurts, as she DID create a mini comeback for herself, six or so years ago with Charlie’s Angels and all that stuff.  But honestly, what movies has she worked on lately that matter? Now that her short-lived romance with Ashton is so over (and we are all surprised it lasted this long), she had either find a new young boy toy to play around with publicly, or she’s going into the hall of the dissed and dismissed FAST. Are you listening Demi?