Snoop Dogg Explains How to Survive in RAGE

Let Snoop teach you how to live in style in the Wasteland.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


If you would for me, try to to imagine what it would be like if Snoop Dogg lived in the Wasteland of Bethesda and id Software’s RAGE. Now stop imagining and start watching it for real.

Welcome to Snoop Dogg’s “Guide to the Wasteland,” where the chronic-lovin’ rapper details everything you need in order to survive in the harsh, dust-bowl climate of the Wasteland. And since it’s Snoop Dogg we’re talking about here, you know he covers the essentials — stuff like waffle makers, chicken feed and dogs with rifles taped to their heads. Yup, not joking about that last one.

Part 1 – Essentials 


Part 2 – Weapons and Gadgets