Hail To The Creeps: 10 Zombie Presidents

America wants a Commander In Chief with braaaaaaaaains.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Yes, when the zombie virus hits, the President will most likely be ushered into an air-tight underground bunker while the rest of us die or lunch on survivors. However, what if the President is campaigning in a small town and is immediately exposed? That could lead to our first zombie President, a historic first. Let’s see what some of our past American leaders would have looked like undeadified:


Zombie George Washington

“Father, I cannot tell a lie. I wish to devour your brain matter.” [via]


Zombie Thomas Jefferson

“An injured friend is the bitterest of foes. So eat that dude’s brain while you can.” [via]


Zombie Abraham Lincoln

Known as “The Great Emancipator of Brains from Skulls.” [via]


Zombie Franklin D. Roosevelt

“The only thing we have to fear is a shortage of delicious brains.” [via]


Zombie Dwight Eisenhower

I like Ike. He likes brains. [via]


Zombie John F. Kennedy

“Ich bin ein brain-eater.” [via]


Zombie Richard Nixon

“Sock it to me! Your braaaaaaaains, that is.” [via]


Zombie Ronald Reagan

It’s morning in America. Brain pancakes, anyone? [via]


Zombie Bill Clinton

“I feel your pain, as I rip your flesh open, in search of brains.” [via]


Zombie George W. Bush

If we don’t eat each other’s brains, the terrorists win. [via]


Zombie Barack Obama

Hope. (But mostly brains.) [via]


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