Sucks To Be You: Idiot Who Runs Onto The Field

Your one shining moment... quickly brought down with all the fury or a minimum wage security guard.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

I was watching the Bears defeat Tampa this weekend when all of a sudden… A fan ran on the field to much cheering and jeering from the stands. This exercise of human triumph is one that has spellbound spectators for years. Why do people do it? Intoxication, heartache, protest, and more intoxication. 

There's something so beautiful about a lone buffoon running onto the field of play. I would almost argue that it is some sort of genre of performance art.  In those few moments, the runner is the center of attention for hundreds and many times, possibly thousands of people. Who is the runner's archenemy? The security staff. Old, underpaid, fun-sucking, self-righteous protectors of millionaire athletes.  That's not to say they're bad people. It's a tough job. And someone has got to do it. 

But nothing is better than when these two forces come head-to-head. 

Notice the attempted mating ritual of this drunkard before he is quickly brought down:


This proud Bostonian was brought down by the former WCW World Heavyweight Champ, Goldberg:


This guy forgot the one key rule of football – "It's only fun when both teams are wearing pads."


This is crasher one of legends.


As liberating as this run was, nothing is more liberating than a knee to the face!


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