Historectomy Episode 8 “Witch!” with Abigail Williams

You's a witch, wiiiiiiitch! You's a witch, wiiiiiiitch! You's a witch, I say that you's a witch!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

This incredibly brisk episode is NSFW which means not safe for work…not like the other episodes were angels or anything but let's just say we get crassier than most!



It was a more innocent time in our country's history, when men were men, witches were witches, and the entire populace of a town trusted (without question, evidence, or logic) the words of an 11 year old. It was the infamous Salem Massachusetts witch trials, and she was Abigail Williams.

Journey into our mystery as we lovingly unlock the truth…or listen to us berate and ridicule the entire witch burning enterprise! Your choice. Not really, you're going to listen anyway!



Also in this episode: The hosts reveal themselves as musical theatre nuts, Andrew McCarthyism, "Chucking", what to do during an eclipse, favorite names among the Puritans, Sam plays child psychologist for "Dennis the Menace" suffering from mental disease, feuding families surprisingly don't help in witch accusation, the age old question "disease: sleeping outside or fucking the devil?", Abigail Williams founded Hip Hop, why "spectral evidence" should still be admissible by law, how to bake a delicious urine soaked "witch cake" (protip: totally real), Mrs. Wilson's ghost dick, going from ignorant to idiot in a Salem minute, and an erotic twist to end the show!


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