Worst Halloween Costumes Ever Sold: Part One

You might want to rethink that sweet Boba Fett costume of yours.

Christian Krauspeby Christian Krauspe

Today we're taking a look at some of the worst, most offensive-to-the-senses Halloween costumes being worn out this month. Chances are, if you're wearing one of these, you won't be getting any candy. You'll be getting a restraining order. 

Take a look.

Tsunami Man (not sold in Japan)

Named after… you know… that thing in Japan. Either that or he's the long-lost mentally handicapped brother of McDonald's Grimace.


Nazi Hockey Players (discontinued 1945)

One of 1942's breakout costumes. Now, we all know  Nazis love killing things, but did you also know they loved winter sports? Watch out Devils, the Munich "Book Fires" are coming after you this season!


The Taylor Lautner Costume (Performance Edition) 

Perfectly captures his performance style.


The Michelle Bachman Ideal American Costume

That's right. To pull this off, you need to stencil a tattoo that says "Born 2 Bow Hunt." Oh, and hate gay people. 


Ben Roethlisberger's Girlfriend Costume

This costume isn't complete without a Rape First Response Kit and a court subpoena. 


Coked-Out Skank Costume

Comes with a 5oz. vial, small mirror, and a David Bowie CD. 


The "Hip Gaddafi" Costume

Nothing says "too cool for school" that this snappy ensemble. Though, this week, it may be too cool for Kevlar.


Gay Darth Vader Costume

"What's that? Do I want to see the reactor core? Um… Sure."


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