The B-Movies Podcast #38 – Welcome, Foolish Mortals…

Bibbs and Witney review Margin Call, Hellraiser: Revelations and offer up ten great horror movies you've never seen for Halloween!

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

The B-Movies Podcast has a bad case of the boos this week with Episode #38 – Welcome, Foolish Mortals! This week, William 'Bibbs' Bibbiani, CraveOnline's Film Channel Editor, and Witney Seibold of Three Cheers for Darkened Years take you on a trip down lack-of-memory lane to present their picks for ten great horror movies you've never seen (and probably never even heard of) for the Halloween series. They'll also review the new releases Margin Call and Hellraiser: Revelations. Also, the latest movie news and whatnot: Jason Statham to star in Transformers and 5Iron Man 3 will lead right up to Avengers 2? And General Motors is teaming up with Guy Ritchie to remake Cannonball RunWhat…?!

PLUS! Is Jason Statham the poor man's Tom Hanks? Which of Witney's horror movie picks makes Saw look like "a walk in the park?" What was the best slasher flick of the 1990's, besides Scream? (It's not what you think…) How many SAT words can Witney fit into a single episode? What does "flarkle-bark" even mean? Why did Bibbs' girlfriend recently beat him up? What horror franchise dared to give you the same twist ending three times in a row? What's the real difference between a genie and a djinn? And how do you reallyturn on a poodle?

The answers to all these questions and more in The B-Movies Podcast: Episode #38 – Welcome, Foolish Mortals…!