Watch ‘Dragon Age: Redemption’ Episode 2

Tallis and Cairn form an uneasy alliance as they pursue the escaped Mage.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In the first episode of the "Dragon Age: Redemption," we met Felicia Day's elf assassin, Tallis as she was given a chance to redeem herself by her religious order by tracking down a dangerous escaped Apostate Mage.

Along the way, Tallis came upon a Templar, Cairn (Adam Rayner) also searching for the mage before Tallis swooped in and took his prisoner, Brom (Greg Collins). Tallis briefly interrogated Brom and executed him before Cairn could catch up to them.

For this week's second episode, Tallis outmaneuvers Cairn and arrives at a Dalish camp in the aftermath of the Apostate Mage's rampage, as an odd alliance emerges between them…



The third episode of "Dragon Age: Redemption" will be released next week, while Day reprises her role as Tallis in the newly released "Mark of the Assassin" DLC for "Dragon Age II."


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